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The Natchitoches Parish School Board believes the functions of school buildings and grounds shall be to accommodate approved school programs for students and to assist in meeting the educational, cultural, civic, social, and recreational needs of communities.  Use of school buildings by the community shall be considered a secondary function and shall be scheduled at times which do not interfere with regular school activities.


The usage of school facilities by individuals or groups shall be based on a properly documented application and governed by a signed lease agreement between the individual or group and the School Board.  The lease agreement shall contain, but not be limited to, the following:


  1. A "hold harmless" statement having the effect of holding the School Board free from any liability that may arise while the facilities are in use.

  2. A statement that the individual or group lessee shall assume all responsibility for damages and/or maintenance expenses invested in the building, directly or indirectly resulting from lessee's use.

  3. No school facilities shall be used for hazardous activities as determined by the Superintendent.




The School Board shall direct the Superintendent to maintain appropriate administrative regulations and procedures governing the use of school facilities.  These regulations shall contain, but not be limited to, the following:


  1. No person shall be permitted to use school facilities for any meeting, program or other activity which the primary purpose is the personal financial benefit of such person or for personal use of person.


Examples:     family reunions,

birthday party,


wedding shower,

wedding reception, or

baby shower.


(The above list is only for example and includes other similar type activities).


  1. Regularly employed persons of this school system may be authorized to conduct enrichment programs and fund raising events to benefit a school or the school system if approval is first obtained from the principal and Superintendent's office and provided funds derived from these activities are turned into the board according to policy.

  2. Persons requesting use of school facilities that are considered by the school administration to be "community or school enrichment" purposes are allowable without facility use charge or fee:


Examples:     basketball league,

baseball league,

community pageants or programs, or

community fund raiser to help the community.


(The above list is only for example and includes other similar type activities).


  1. If the proposed use of the building is questionable as to whether it is for personal use or to gain personal financial benefit, the principal/superintendent may request a 501C3 form to settle the issue.

  2. A minimum charge for the use of the facility should be determined.  ($20.00 minimum; schools with bigger and better facilities shall determine the upper limits of the range.)  Minimum hourly rate of $5.00 to be charged for personnel required for supervision and clean-up.

  3. When school facilities are used after school hours, supervision by a competent person shall be at the discretion of the principal.

  4. Proof of liability coverage comparable to the School Board's shall be provided the School Board for the use of ball fields or gymnasiums on a regular basis.  (Summer leagues, recreational programs, etc.)

  5. A statement that there shall not be any alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs permitted on school premises or grounds.

  6. A statement that the use of any tobacco product, smokeless tobacco, or any smoking object/device, including but not limited to electronic cigarettes, advanced personal vaporizers, vape pens, vape mods and similar devices, shall be prohibited on and in all School Board property and vehicles, and at all school-sponsored or school-approved functions.  However, this prohibition shall not be applicable to any tobacco product approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for sale as a tobacco cessation product and which is marketed and sold solely for such purpose.

    School Board property shall include any elementary or secondary school buildings or grounds, buildings, portable buildings, field houses, stadiums, equipment storage areas, vacant land, or any other property owned, operated, or leased by the School Board where any form of School Board business is or may be conducted.


The School Board shall prohibit the use of any facility under its governance for the purpose of partisan political activities or for activities prohibited by state and/or School Board policies or considered in any way contrary to the best interests of the school system.


Revised:  March, 2008

Revised:  October, 2008

Revised:  November, 2017



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Board minutes, 5-14-87, 3-9-89, 10-11-07


Natchitoches Parish School Board