A regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board was held on Thursday, November 3, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and Dale Skinner, Secretary-Treasurer, were present:  Eugean Garner, Carroll Daniels, Joella Collins, Russell Danzy, Michael Hilton, Steven Harris, Thomas Melder, Rhonda Guidroz and Ralph Wilson. Absent members were: Harry Graham and Steven Harris. The meeting was called to order by President Ralph Wilson, followed by an invocation by Mr. Harris and Pledge of Allegiance Mr. Melder.


At Tuesday’s Committee Meeting, a representative for LA Spirit spoke to the board as well as Principle Benjamin, who gave an update on the events, programs and progress of the students at Frankie Ray Jackson Sr. Technical Center. 


On motion of Mr. Danzy and seconded by Mr. Melder, the following consent agenda was approved by all members present at the meeting:

      1.   Adoption of Agenda.

      2.  Approval of Minutes of October 6, 2016

      3.   FINANCE ITEMS

            A.         Payment of Bills:            

            B.         Out of State Travel:

            C.         School Bus Routes Changes:

D.         Purchase of Buses:

E.         Advertisements:   

           1.        Permission to advertise for bids:

                      A.  Marthaville roof.

F.         Resignations:               
G.        Retirements:

            H.         Requests for Leave:

I.          Termination:


The finance report was presented by Mr. Danzy.  Mr. Daniels motioned to reject the bid for the Marthaville lighting, HVAC controls and canopy.  Mrs. Collins seconded the motion to reject.  All members of the board accepted the motion and the second.  Mr. Hilton motioned to advertise for a rebid of the Marthaville lighting, HVAC controls and canopy.  Mr. Daniels seconded the motion and all board members accepted.  Motion passed.


The transportation report and tax commission report for presented to the board at Tuesday’s committee meeting.


A recommendation was made by Mr. Danzy and seconded by Mr. Garner to consider an RFP for the Performance Based Energy Efficient Contract Services.  All members present agreed.  Mr. Melder was no longer present for voting at this time.


The personnel report was presented on Tuesday. 


Mr. Von Kanel also reminded the board of the upcoming dinner fundraiser for the LPV School of Fine Arts.  Representatives from Johnson Controls provided the board with a follow up from their previous meeting.  Mrs. Winslow informed and invited the board to attend the upcoming ESA forum on November 10.


Mr. Daniels presented the Executive Report.  On motion of Mrs. Collins and seconded by Mr. Harris, the board unanimously approved the Rapides Foundation 2016-2017 Math Assessment Strategic Solutions Grant for Natchitoches Parish School Board for  $346,950.00 with permission for the Superintendent to sign all necessary papers.  The grant period starts November 1, 2016 and ends May 21, 2019.


Mrs. Bennett presented the board with information regarding 2016-2017 status/plan of action from the Special Education Department.


Mrs. Vanessa Stanfield and Ms. Anita Dubois gave an update on the truancy in Natchitoches Parish.


The board decided they needed more time before acting on the request to approve the Girls on the Run Program for Natchitoches Parish.


On motion of Mrs. Collins and seconded by Mrs. Guidroz, the meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.





                                                DALE SKINNER,   SECRETARY-TREASURER




                                                RALPH WILSON,   PRESIDENT