A regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board was held on Thursday, November 5, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and Dale Skinner, Secretary-Treasurer, were present:  Eugean Garner, Carroll Daniels, Ralph Wilson, Joella Wilson, Harry Graham, Russell Danzy, Michael Hilton, Emile Metoyer, Steven Harris, and Thomas Melder. The meeting was called to order by President Ralph Wilson, followed by an invocation by Mr. Holden and Pledge of Allegiance by Mr. Garner. 


Under the Superintendent’s Report, Superintendent Skinner gave an update on the visit from the auditor’s, stating that we should receive their results in 4-6 weeks.  Mr. Danny Von Kanel spoke on the School of Fine Arts and gave the board an update on the program and the different fund raisers that were being utilized to help offset the cost to students.  The Superintendent also mentioned that the PTA from the Natchitoches Magnet School would like to speak with the board at the December meeting regarding some concerns at the school.  Mrs. Mary Harris, candidate for BESE, District 4, spoke to the board about her future plans, should she be elected.


On motion of Ms. Wilson and seconded by the Mr. Graham, the following Consent Agenda items were unanimously approved by all members present:

  1.       Adoption of Agenda.

  2.      Approval of Minutes of October 8, 2015; Minutes of October 15, 2015 Special Called Meeting

  3.       FINANCE ITEMS

            A.         Payment of Bills:            

            B.         Out of State Travel:      

            C.         School Bus Routes Changes:

D.         Purchase of Buses:

E.         Advertisements:   

               Permission to advertise for bids:

1.     Five (5) Tilting Skillets (Fairview/Goldonna/Lakeview/Marthaville/Provencal)  

2.     Three (3) Steamers (Goldonna/Vaughn/Weaver)


3.     Two (2) Steam-Jacketed Kettle (Provencal/Vaughn)


4.     One (1) Walk-In Freezer, Indoor (Natchitoches Central)


**These items will be purchased through a Child Nutrition Program grant.

F.         Resignations:               
            G.        Retirements:

            H.         Requests for Leave:

                                   *1.        Linda Page, Personnel Director, December 4, 2015 travel to Nacogdoches, TX to attend a Teacher Job Fair.  Stipends to be paid according to Board policy.

I.          Termination:


Mr. Wilson asked for an update regarding the Child Nutrition Grants listed in the Consent Agenda.  Ms. Crittie stated that if we get approved for the grants, each school could get up to $30,000.  Ms. Crittie and Mr. Solomon were asked to get more information for the board regarding the grants.


Mr. Danzy presented the Finance report.  On motion of Mr. Hilton and seconded by Mr. Garner, the board unanimously approved taking action on the Category 1 E-Rate services for Nexus System.


The board received the transportation report from Mr. Edwards.


The board received the tax commission report from Mr. Solomon


The board received the personnel report from Mrs. Page


On Tuesday, Ms. Jeanne Biddiscome presented the board with a review of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest History Museum.


Superintendent Skinner mentioned that he had spoken with other parishes regarding their attorney fees and asked the board if they had any suggestions. The board gave the Superintendent permission to see if a fee of $150/hour was acceptable. Mr. Metoyer suggested letting the DA appoint a lawyer.


On motion of Mr. Garner and seconded by Mr. Hilton the meeting adjourned.





                                                DALE SKINNER,   SECRETARY-TREASURER




                                                RALPH WILSON,   PRESIDENT