A regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board was held on Thursday, February 4, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and Derwood Duke, Secretary-Treasurer were present:  Cecil Walker, Ralph Wilson, Julia Hildebrand, Millard Bienvenu, Emile Metoyer, J. Wilson, Billy Benefield, Jr., Harry Graham, Pam McAlexander and Craig Rachal.  Absent:   Carroll Daniels.


The meeting was called to order by President Joella Wilson, followed by an invocation by Mrs. Hildebrand and Pledge of Allegiance by Mrs. McAlexander. 


Dr. Duke presented the Board Updates.


On motion of Mr. Graham, seconded by Mr. Wilson, that the Board hereby approve a resolution from Cloutierville Elem./Jr. High School requesting a parish wide initiative to Help Haiti Recover from the earthquake to be held on March 12, 2010 per attached resolution.


YEAS:   Walker, Wilson, Hildebrand, Bienvenu, Metoyer, J. Wilson, Benefield, Graham, McAlexander and Rachal.   NAYS:   None.   ABSENT:   Daniels.      (Carried)


On motion of Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Metoyer, and unanimously carried, the Board approved the following consent agenda items:


  1. Adoption of Agenda.

  2. Approval of Minutes of January 7, 2010



    1. Payment of Bills:

    2. Out of State Travel:  

      1. Sharon Schaub and Syll-Young Olson, Natchitoches Central High School, to chaperone students from Natchitoches Central High School and Northwestern Middle Lab School,  to the ASTA National Orchestra Festival, Santa Clara, California, on February 17 - 22, 2010.  At no cost to Board.

      2. Henry Eric Smith, teacher, Lakeview High School, to chaperone Dakota Moreau, student, to Tulsa’s High School Senior Welding Competition, Tulsa, Oklahoma, on February 19-22, 2010. Funded by Vocational Agricultural Funds.

    1. School Bus Routes Changes:

    2. Purchase of Buses:

    3. Advertisements:     Permission to advertise for bids:

      1. For purchase of playground equipment for L.P. Vaughn.  Funded by IDEA.

    1. Resignations:

      1. James C. Barber, teacher, Cloutierville Elementary/Jr. High School, effective January 22, 2010.             

      2. Dustin Wright, teacher, Frankie Ray Jackson, Sr., Technical Center effective January 4, 2010.

      3. Mary B. Dranguet, teacher, Weaver Elementary School, effective February 12, 2010.

    1. Retirements:

      1. Janie Allen, paraprofessional, East Natchitoches Elem./Jr. High School, effective November 11, 2009.

      1. Bobbie Manasco, teacher, Natchitoches Central High School, effective February 8, 2010.

    1. Requests for Leave:

    2. Termination:

      1. Stephen R. Linzay


Mr. Ralph Wilson presented the Finance, Facilities, Service and Insurance Report.


On motion of Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Rachal, the Board unanimously accepted the following:  


  1. Sysco Foods for Child Nutrition Program for various foods for the period of March 1, 2010 through August 31, 2010 per attached low bids meeting specifications.   Bids opened January 12, 2010.

  2. Long’s Preferred Products, Carefree Janitorial Supply, Dixie Paper Company and Fuqua Paper Supply for Child Nutrition Program for paper and cleaning supplies for the period of March 1, 2010 through August 31, 2010, per attached low bids meeting specifications.  Bids opened January 26, 2010.


 On motion of Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Metoyer, the Board received the following reports:

  1. Basic Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report as of and for the year ending June 30, 2009 (with comparative totals, June 30, 2008).    

  2. Natchitoches Parish Student Activity Funds Financial Report for the Year  Ended June 30, 2009.


Mrs. Julia Hildebrand presented the Personnel Report.               


On motion of Mrs. Hildebrand, seconded by Mr. Graham, the Board approved all personnel items:


  1. Approval of Personnel:

    1. LaFern Ward, Kids City Coordinator, at $20.00 per hour for 4 hours per day, replacing  Doris Hullaby.  Funded by 21st CCLC.

    2. Doris Hullaby, JAG Specialist , Natchitoches Central High School, at $20.00 per hour for 7.5 hours per day for 95 days.  Funded by JAG Grant.

    3. Ramona Cason, tutor, Fairview Alpha Elem/Jr. High School, at $20.00 per hour for 8 hours per day for 50 days for a total of $8,000.00.  Funded by Title 1 (744). 

  2. The 21st Kids City staff for January 2010 through May 2010 per attached sheet.  Funded by 21st Century. 

  1. Renewal of two year performance contract for the following:

    1. Juliete Moffett, Assistant Principal of East Natchitoches Elem./Middle School.       

    1. Mary Yount, Assistant Principal of Fairview Alpha Elem./Jr High School.         

  1. Becky Herring, Peggy Hernandez, Tammy Wyatt, Cinta Foster and Jerry Dawson, tutors, for After School for All Program at Provencal Elem./Jr. High School. Lori Savell and Tammy Maley will be substitutes for the program. They will be paid $20.00 per hour for 8 hours weekly. Tutoring will begin January 12, 2010 and continue through April 8, 2010. Funded by After School for All 649.  Transportation will be provided by Durham transportation and pro-rated between Special Education and After School for All.

  1. Kelly Scott, teacher, Weaver Elementary School, in the LA 4 After School Program, with substitutes Tracie Simmons, Amy Fisher and Jan McCain.  Paraprofessionals to work are Christie Williams and Netoyer Turner.  Funded by LA4 (647). 

  2. Jackie Campbell, Patrice Harper and  Barbara Graham, after school tutors, Fairview Alpha Elem./Jr. High School, for 2.5 hours per day at $20.00 per hour, 4 days per week for 40 days.  The total cost is $6,000.00.   Funded by Title 1(744) & Title 1 (701).  

  3. Attached list of special education teachers and tutors for various schools for After School Tutoring Program.  Funded by IDEA.

  4. Melinda Daniels, Melanie Martinez, Andrea Pickett, Dana Scoggins and Shawn Westbrook as After School Tutors beginning  January 19- April 8, 2010 at $20.00 per hour for 2 days per week for 5 teachers for 11 weeks at a total of $2,200.00 with Nikki Wilkerson as substitute tutor.  Funded by Title 1 (701).    


Mr. Craig Rachal presented the Executive Report.


On motion of Mr. Metoyer, seconded by Mr. Graham, the Board approved the board calendar for 2010.


On motion of Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Graham, the Board unanimously approved the school calendar for 2010-2011.  


On motion of Mr. Metoyer, the  Board adjourned.