A regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board was held on Thursday, December 3, 2009, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and Derwood Duke, Secretary-Treasurer were present:   Cecil Walker, Carroll Daniels, Ralph Wilson, Julia Hildebrand, Millard Bienvenu, Emile Metoyer, Joella Wilson, Billy Benefield, Jr., Harry Graham, Pam McAlexander and Craig Rachal.    Absent:   None.


The meeting was called to order by President Joella Wilson, followed by an invocation by Mrs. Wilson and Pledge of Allegiance by Mr. Metoyer.


Dr. Derwood Duke presented the Board update.  The Board saved approximately $119,067.00 on utility costs this past year.


The Board recognized the following:


            1.         Syll-Young Olson and the Natchitoches Central High School Orchestra.


2.         Natchitoches Central High School and Natchitoches Magnet School for The Picturing America Grant.


3.         Lakeview High School AFJROTC Unit LA-943 and Natchitoches Central High School JROTC.     


On motion of Mr. Daniels, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the Board approved the following consent agenda items: 


 1.        Adoption of Agenda.


 2.        Approval of Minutes of November 5, 2009


 3.        FINANCE ITEMS


            A.         Payment of Bills:  


B.         Out of State Travel:   


(1)        Anita Dubois, Diana Laroux, Francis Sylvia and Cheryl Johnson, Central Office, travel to Orlando, Florida, on May 1-May 5, 2010, to attend the 31st  Annual LRP National Institute.    Funded by IDEA.


(2)        Derwood Duke, superintendent, travel to Newport News, Virginia, on December 7-9, 2009, to attend a workshop by the Urban Learning and Leadership Center through The Orchard Foundation.  Funded by STEM/CTE Planning Grant.


C.         School Bus Routes Changes:


(1)        Julia Matthews, Natchitoches Central High School, increase of 2.2 miles, cost of $433.61.

(2)        Patsy Sattler, Marthaville Elem./Jr. High School, increase of 1 mile, cost of $171.10.

(3)        Mack Trichell, Lakeview High School, additional 13.7 miles added due to Hart Road Bridge construction, cost of $1,865.30.

(4)        Annie E. Joseph, Lakeview High School, additional 1.5 miles for one day only, cost of $4.84.


D.         Purchase of Buses:


E.         Advertisements:     Permission to advertise for bids:


F.         Resignations:   


(1)        Emily Perritt, teacher, Vaughn Elementary Middle School, effective November 27, 2009.


G.         Retirements:


(1)        Della Powell, teacher, Natchitoches Central High School, effective January 8, 2010.

(2)        Doris Trichel, bus aide, Lakeview High School, effective  January 11, 2010.

H.         Requests for Leave:


I.          Termination:


Mr. Ralph Wilson presented the Finance, Facilities, Services and Insurance Report.


There were no items to be voted on in the finance report.


Mrs. Julia Hildebrand presented the Personnel Report.


On motion of Mrs. Hildebrand, seconded by Mr. Rachal, and unanimously carried, the Board approved the following personnel items:                  


  1.       Approval of Personnel:


            A.         Lauren Ashley, softball coach, NSU Middle Lab School, for 2009-2010.

            B.         Blaine Murphy, teacher, East Natchitoches Elem./Middle School.  Mr. Murphy will assist classroom teachers with computer labs.  Funded by School Improvement Funds 1003(a).

C.         Twana Harris, instructional behavioral strategist, East Natchitoches Elem./Middle School.  Salary paid 50% by Title I and 50% School Improvement Funds 1003(a).    

D.         Francesca Latchie and Cheryl Remo, tutors/computer lab technicians, Parks Elem./Middle School, at $7.25 per hour for Latchie and $7.50 for Remo  at 5 hours per day for 32 weeks not to exceed $16,800.  Funded by School Improvement 1003(a).

E.         Larry Allen, test preparation paraprofessional, Parks Elem./Middle School, not to exceed $18,045.  Funded by School Improvement 1003(a).

F.         Bobby Benjamin, test preparation teacher, Parks Elem./Middle School.  Funded by School Improvement Funds 1003(g).

G.         Felicia Jackson, technical teacher, Parks Elem./Middle School. Funded by School Improvement 1003(g).

H.         Jennifer Faye Berry, full-time child nutrition technician, Frankie Ray Jackson, Sr. Technical Center, new position

I.          Evaughn S. White, part-time child nutrition technician, NSU Elementary Lab School, replacing  Rhonda Rachal.

J.          Rhonda Rachal, full-time child nutrition technician, NSU Elementary Lab School, replacing Yvonne Vascocu.

K.         Ilisha Mitchell, full-time child nutrition technician, Lakeview High School, replacing Susan Conlay.

L.         Shari Supalo, full-time child nutrition technician, Fairview Alpha Elem./Jr. High School, replacing Wilma Smith.

            M.        Jessie Wallace, 12 month custodian, Natchitoches Magnet School.

            N.         Randall Frederick, special education tutor, Cloutierville Elem./Jr. High School, at $7.50 per hour, not to exceed 35 hours per week.  Funded by IDEA.

            O.         John LaCaze, teacher, Vaughn Elem./Jr. High School, replacing Emily Perritt.


2.       Katie Maggio, Ja‚ÄôLesia Mims and Kerrah Page, data entry personnel, to enter student information in the computer for various schools at $7.25 per hour not to exceed 15 hours per week.   Pay split equally by Title I, IDEA and General Fund.   


  3.       Special education tutors per attached sheet.                               


Mr. Carroll Daniels presented the Executive Report.


On motion of Mr. Metoyer, seconded by Mr. Walker, that the Board hereby hold Board meetings for 2010 on the first Tuesday and Thursday on the first full week.  


YEAS:   Walker, Wilson, Hildebrand, Bienvenu, Metoyer, J. Wilson, Graham, McAlexander, and Rachal.


NAYS: Daniels and Benefield.


ABSENT: None.  (Carried)   


On motion of Mr. Rachal, seconded by Mr. Benefield, the Board adjourned.