A regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board was held on Thursday, September 3, 2009, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and Derwood Duke, Secretary-Treasurer, were present:  Cecil Walker, Carroll Daniels, Millard Bienvenu, Emile Metoyer, Joella Wilson, Billy Benefield, Jr., Harry Graham, Pam McAlexander and Craig Rachal.   Absent:  Ralph Wilson.

The meeting was called to order by President Joella Wilson, followed by an invocation by Mr. Daniels and Pledge of Allegiance by Mr. Graham.

Under Superintendent Staff Reports, the Board received reports and recognized:

1.    The Board Update presented by Dr. Derwood Duke.

2.    Wendy Llorens and Jennifer Ingram presented the Teen Summit for 2009.                                            

3.    Brenda S. Powell was recognized as Provencal Elementary Teacher of the Year, Natchitoches Parish Elementary Teacher of the Year and Regional Elementary Teacher.                                

On motion of Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the Board unanimously approved the following consent agenda items:

 1.      Adoption of Agenda.

 2.      Approval of Minutes of August 6, 2009


          A.       Payment of Bills:   

B.       Out of State Travel:   

(1)        Dianne Chatelain, Ben Morris and Andrea Murphy, teachers, travel to University of Texas at Tyler, Texas, to attend the PLTW Training Institute for Introduction to Engineering Design.  Funded by Carl Perkins.

(2)        Rebecca Morgan, Penny Weaver and Julie Wohletz, teachers, Goldonna Elem./ Jr. High School, travel to Rock Eagle, Georgia, on October 1-5, 2009, to attend the Southern Regional Leader Forum.  At no cost to the Board other than substitute.

C.       School Bus Routes Changes:

D.       Purchase of Buses:

(1)        Julia Matthews

E.         Advertisements:     Permission to advertise for bids:

F.         Resignations:           

            (1)        Catherine Phipps, paraprofessional, Vaughn Elem./Middle School, effective August 7, 2009.

(2)        Constance M. Goings, teacher, Marthaville Elem./Jr. High School, effective August 6, 2009.

(3)        Tatrina Prudhomme,  kindergarten tutor, Weaver Elementary School, effective August 30, 2009.

          (4)        Billy Stroud,  teacher, Lakeview High School, effective August 27, 2009.

G.         Retirements:

(1)        Willie Walker, custodian, Parks Elem./Middle School, effective October 25, 2009.

(2)        Brenda Page, teacher, Cloutierville Elem./Jr. High School, disability retirement, effective May 28, 2009.

(3)        Brenda Youngblood, secretary, Marthaville Elem./Jr. High School, effective September 18, 2009.

          (4)        Debra Gant, pupil appraisal, Central Office, effective September 14, 2009.

Mr. Ralph Wilson presented the Finance, Facilities and Services Report.

On motion of Mr. Daniels, seconded by Mr. Walker, the Board approved the following finance items:

1.     The highest bid of Rasul K. Abdullah in the amount of $11,300.00 for lots two and three of Block ”r;B” of the Sibley-Pierson addition to the City of Natchitoches.  Each lot has a front of 66 feet and the North line of the two lots is 90 feet deep and the South line is 120 feet deep.  (Property in vicinity of former Preschool Center.)  This was the only bid received.

2.         The 2009-2010 Consolidated Budget. 

3.         A one-time supplement of $1,000 for all schools to assist with transportation costs of extra-curricular activities. 

Mrs. Julia Hildebrand presented the Personnel Report.    

On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the Board unanimously approved the following personnel items:

1.         The attached list of personnel.

2.         The attached list of transfers and/or reassignments.

3.         The attached list of special education tutors for 2009-2010 school year.   Funded by IDEA.

4.         The attached list of special education personnel for the 2009-2010 school year.      

5.         Jackie Stafford, part-time data entry specialist, Adult Education Program, 5 hours per week.   Funded by STEP (Strategies to Empower People.)  

6.         Armetrice Williams-Wesley, teacher, Adult Education Program, to teach 3 nights for 3 hours per night at $20.00 per hour.  Funded by Adult Education Budget.

On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mr. Wilson, and with unanimous consent, the Board approved the attached list of teachers, paraprofessionals, advocates and tutors for the 2009-2010 school year for Title I, II, IV, X, Migrant, Even Start, 8(g) and LA4 Staff. 

Mr. Carroll Daniels presented the Executive Report.

On motion of Mrs. McAlexander, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the Board instructed Mr. Laborde to check on an agreement with the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Department to disassemble the cafeteria and attached classroom building at the ”r;old” Fairview Alpha site provided that the asbestos abatement laws can be addressed.

On motion of Mr. Wilson, the Board adjourned.