HELD ON JULY 9, 2009


A regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board was held on Thursday, July 9, 2009, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and  Derwood Duke, Secretary-Treasurer, were present:  Cecil Walker, Ralph Wilson, Julia Hildebrand, Millard Bienvenu, Emile Metoyer, Joella Wilson, Billy Benefield, Jr., Harry Graham and Craig Rachal.  Absent:  Carroll Daniels and Pam McAlexander.


The meeting was called to order by President Wilson, followed by an invocation by Mrs. Hildebrand and Pledge of Allegiance by Mr. Wilson


Under Superintendent/Staff Reports, the Board received reports and recognized:   


            1.         The Board Update by Dr. Derwood Duke.


2.         Natchitoches Central Art Students’ Nicole Conlay and Anna Dieter Were recognized for winning awards at the YACA State Convention.  Conlay also has a painting hanging in the U.S. Capitol.  Lindsey Prothro won the Louisiana High School Athletic Association poster contest.  The poster was used on program books and as the official poster for the LHSAA playoffs.  Mrs. Cheryl Gianforte is teacher of the students.


            3.        Intensive Correction Action Plan for Special Education Students as presented by Ms Cheryl Johnson.  


            4.         Mrs. Willa Freeman recognized as Principal of the Year for 2009.


On motion of Mrs. Hildebrand, seconded by Mr. Graham, and with unanimous consent, the Board approved the following consent agenda items:


 1.        Adoption of Agenda.


 2.        Approval of Minutes of May 29, June 4, June 10 and June 18, 2009


 3.        FINANCE ITEMS


            A.         Payment of Bills:   July    


B.         Out of State Travel:   


(1)        Henry Eric Smith, teacher, Lakeview High School, travel to Indianapolis, Indiana, October 20-26, 2009, to chaperone students to the National FFA Convention Agronomy Career Development Event representing the state of Louisiana.  Funded by Vo-Ag .   Students to be paid $300.00 according to Board Policy-Evan Warren, Robert Matthews, Wayland Morgan and Pamela Blake.


C.         School Bus Routes Changes:


            (1)        Meshelle Miley, Natchitoches Central  High  School, increase of 17.6  miles, cost of 608.74.


D.         Purchase of Buses:


E.         Advertisements:     Permission to advertise for bids:


(1)        Large equipment (freezer, tilting skillet and convection oven) for Frankie Ray Jackson Technical Center, Parks Elem./Middle School and Cloutierville Elem./Jr. High School.   Funded by State 2009 Equipment Assistance Grant for School Food Authorities.


F.         Resignations:


            (1)        Mary Dupree, secretary, Vaughn Elem./Middle School, effective June 11, 2009.

(2)        Mary Beth Van Sickle, teacher, NSU Elementary Lab School, effective May 28, 2009.


G.         Retirements:


(1)        Randall Warren, principal, Goldonna Elem./Jr.  High School, effective July 1, 2009.


H.         Requests for Leave:


(1)        Hillary Gray,  teacher, Natchitoches Magnet School, sabbatical leave for professional and cultural improvement for the first semester of the 2009-2010 school year.

(2)        Rosezila Bradley, teacher, Lakeview High School, sabbatical medical leave for 2009-2010 school year.


I.          Termination:


Mr. Ralph Wilson presented the Finance, Facilities and Services Report.


On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mr. Walker, the Board accepted the lowest bids meeting specifications of the following:


            A.         Sysco Food Services for food items.

            B.         Various vendors for paper and cleaning products-Carefree Janitorial Supply, Long’s Preferred Products, Dixie Paper Company and Fuqua Paper Supply.

            C.         Cottons’ Holsum for bread and bread products.

            D.         D & D Distributors for milk and milk products and juices.


On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mr. Walker, the Board unanimously approved an equipment Assistance Grant for School Food Authorities for 2009.


 Mrs. Julia Hildebrand presented the Personnel Report.


On motion of Mrs. Hildebrand, seconded by Mr. Walker, and unanimously carried, the Board approved the following personnel agenda items:              


 1.        Approval of Personnel:


            A.         LaTonzia Frank,  special education teacher, Vaughn Elem./Middle School, replacing  Tammy Wilkerson.

            B.         Julie Creasong, school psychologist, Central Office, replacing Jeanette Gregory.

            C.         Jamerson Casson,  hourly maintenance gym crew worker, $6.55 per hour, maintenance department, from June 1-July 24, 2009.   

            D.         Marsha Rachal, aide, ESY Program, replacing Ruth Scott at $7.50 per hour.  Paid by IDEA.

E.         Shannon Greer, summer school LEAP tutor, Parks Elem./Middle School, replacing Melissa Randolph.  Funded by LEAP Remediation Grant for the month of June, 2009.

            F.         LaDarien Amos, teacher, Lakeview High School, replacing Jeffrey Rachal.

            G.         Latoyia Pea, teacher, Cloutierville Elem./Jr. High School, replacing Toni Rushing.

            H.         Susan Godfrey, teacher, Natchitoches Central High School, replacing Shauna Hicks.

            I.          Devoderrick Ridley, teacher, Lakeview High School, replacing Eddie Hamilton.

            J.          Sharon French, teacher, Cloutierville Elem./Jr. High School, replacing Toni Rushing.

            K.         Andrea Beauchamp, teacher, Parks Elem./Middle School, replacing Larry Allen.


  2.       Transfers and/or reassignments:


            A.         Tammy Wilkerson, special education teacher,  from Vaughn Elem./Middle School to East Natchitoches Elem./Middle School.

            B.         Shauna Hicks, teacher, from Natchitoches Central High School to NSU Middle Lab School, replacing James Gianforte.

            C.         Dana Scoggins, teacher, from Weaver Elementary to Provencal Elem./Jr. High School, replacing Frances Walker.

            D.         Stevenson  Jones, tutor, Kid City, from $6.55 per  hour to $7.50 per hour.

            E.         Susan Dove, Title I Media Center, from nurse clerk to clerk typist/receptionist for NCLB Federal Programs.  Funded by Title I (701).

            F.         Lakisha Willis, Regional Migrant Advocate/Recruiter, from 9 month to 11 month employee due to the recruitment in Region 5 (Natchitoches, DeSoto, Red River, Sabine and Vernon parishes.

            G.         Cora Eileen Yopp, transferring from full-time child nutrition technician at Vaughn Elem./Middle School to full-time child nutrition technician at Provencal Elem./Jr. High School.

            H.         Adrianna Zacarias,  transferring from full-time child nutrition technician at Provencal Elem./Jr. High School to full-time child nutrition technician at Vaughn Elem./Middle School.

            I.          Felicia Pinkney, from teacher at Natchitoches Central High School  to teacher coach.  Homebased school will be named at a later date.


3.       The attached sheet of  revised 21st Century Kid’s City Summer School Program staff at Weaver Elementary for June 2009.


4.       Terri Suggs, special education teacher of the visually impaired, not to exceed 35 hours per week for the month of July at $20.00 per hour.  Funded by IDEA.


  5.       The two year performance contracts for the following:


                        Mona Bamburg, Principal, Fairview Alpha Elem/Jr High School

                        Cindy Baptiste, Adult Education Specialist, Adult Education Center

                        Alvin Brossette, Jr., Principal, Parks Elem./Middle School          

                       Alvin Leon, Principal, Frankie Ray Jackson Technical Center  ( 1 year only)

                        Deborah McBride, Supervisor, Child Nutrition Program

                        Hugo Sherman Vogel, Assistant Principal, Parks Elem./Middle School


On motion of Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the Board approved Kendria Sanders, Principal, Goldonna Elem./Jr. High School.  


Mr. Carroll Daniels presented the Executive Report.


There were no items to discuss under the Executive Report.


On motion of Mr. Metoyer, seconded by Mr. Rachal, the Board adjourned.


                                                DERWOOD DUKE, SECRETARY-TREASURER


                                                JOELLA  WILSON,  PRESIDENT