A regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board was held on Thursday, December 8, 2005, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and Elwanda Murphy, Secretary-Treasurer, were present:   Cecil Walker, Carroll Daniels, Ralph Wilson, Julia Hildebrand, Millard J. Bienvenu, Russell Danzy, Joella Wilson, Gladys Revels, Billy Benefield and Carl Means.  Absent:   Emile Metoyer.  


The meeting was called to order by President Danzy, followed by an invocation by Mrs. Wilson, and Pledge of Allegiance by Mrs. Revels.


Under Superintendent/Staff Reports, Dr. Murphy reported on sales tax collection for the parish from July through November.


On motion of Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Wilson and with unanimous consent, the Board approved the following consent agenda items:    


 1.        Adoption of Agenda.

 2.        Approval of Minutes of November 10, 2005

 3.        FINANCE ITEMS:

A.         Payment of Bills:               

B.         Out of State Travel:

C.         School Bus Routes Changes:


D.         Purchase of Buses:


                        (1)        Sherry Carney


E.         Advertisements: 


(1)        Permission to advertise through the State Mineral Board for oil, gas and mineral lease of the following property:  Lands in Section 16, Township 9 North, Range 10 West, containing 160 acres in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, excluding beds and bottoms of all navigable waters located in said section.   

(2)        Permission to advertise for request for proposals for Natchitoches Parish Transportation Services.


F.         Resignations: 


(1)        Lisa Bellow, secretary, NSU Elementary School, effective December 2, 2005.

(2)        Kelly Lambert, special education teacher, Cloutierville Elementary School, December 15, 2005.

(3)        Coleman Elie, Jr., custodian, Central Office, effective January 3, 2006. Mr. Elie will remain a bus driver.


G.         Retirements:


H.         Requests for Leave:


(1)        Terrie Sugg, special education teacher, Parks Elementary School, sabbatical medical leave for second semester of 2005-2006.


Mr. Billy Benefield, Jr. presented the Finance, Facilities and Insurance Report.


On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mrs. Revels, the Board unanimously approved the following budget recommendations for the 2006-07 school year.


1.         School Staffing Formula

Assistant Principal Senior High - 1:500 students

Pupil/Teacher Ratio - (1:26 - K-3) and (1:33 4-12)

Technology-K-3 Aides - Eliminate through attrition

Custodian - 1 - 12 month for schools with 175 students or less


2.         Coaching slots 30% reduction

NCHS               50-35

Lakeview           35-25

NJH                  14-10

NSU Middle       6-4

Provencal          9-6

Cloutierville        7-5

Marthaville         7-5


3.         Cheerleading, pep squad and dance line - 1 slot (grades 1-8)


4.         Stipends for quiz bowl to be paid from school budgets


5.         Travel - no out of state travel to be paid from any funds.  Substitutes cannot be hired for persons for out of state travel.


6.         Site based technology - computer repair allotment to be placed in school budgets  


On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mr. Wilson, and unanimously carried, the Board approved eliminating the part time bookkeeper at Lakeview Jr./Sr. High School.


On motion of Mrs. Revels, seconded by Mr. Means, the Board approved the attached Voluntary Medicare Referendum.  


On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mrs. Hildebrand, and with unanimous consent, the Board approved The Weyhaeuser Company Foundation Grant for professional development in literacy in the amount of $35,000.00. 


On motion of Mr. Benefield, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the Board approved a Carl Perkins Grant (Vocational Grant) in the amount of $112,846.00 for 2005-2006.  


Dr. Millard Bienvenu presented the Personnel Report.


On motion of Mrs. Revels, seconded by Mrs. Wilson, and unanimously carried, the Board approved the following: 


            A.         Daisy Cofield, special education paraprofessional, from Lakeview Jr./Sr. High School to Fairview Alpha Elementary School.


B.         Kimberly Laroux, special education tutor, East Natchitoches Elementary School, $7.50 per hour, not to exceed 35 hours per week.  Funded by IDEA.


C.         Danielle Poree, LEAP 21 tutor, Natchitoches Education Center, $7.50 per hour for 16 hours per week.


            D.         Revised list of LEAP 21 tutors.


E.         Carolyn Guin and Rebecca Herring, substitute teachers, 21st Century at Fairview Alpha Elementary School, at $20.00 per hour.   Funded by 21st Century.


F.         Renewal of two year performance contract for Cindy Baptiste, Adult Education Specialist.             


G.         Termination of Elnora LaCour, custodian, Cloutierville Elementary Jr./Sr. High School, November 1, 2005.


Mr. Carl Means presented the Executive Report.


On motion of Mr. Means, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the Board unanimously approved revisions to the Natchitoches Parish Pupil Progression Plan for 2005-2006 per attached copy.      


On motion of Mr. Means, seconded by Mrs. Revels, the Board approved the board calendar for 2006.   


On motion of Mr. Means, seconded by Mrs. Hildebrand, the Board unanimously extended the superintendent's contract to December 31, 2008.   


On motion of Mr. Benefield, the Board adjourned.