The Natchitoches Parish School Board encourages membership in their respective professional associations.  The Board endorses the practice of withholding from paychecks dues for membership in said organiza¬≠tions in installments as authorized by the Board.




For all conventions to be attended by Board Members, the Superintendent shall set a deadline for the Board Members to let his/her office know whether or not they plan to attend.  The Executive Secretary shall then handle registrations, motel/hotel accommodations, and travel arrangements (if necessary) for those attending.  Anyone not responding by the deadline will be responsible for their own arrangements.  Also, anyone agreeing to attend who changes their mind for reasons other than an emergency shall be responsible for reimbursing the Board for any charges or penalties incurred by the Board for cancellations.  Members not wishing to attend with the group shall also be responsible for making all of their own arrangements.  Reimbursement of expenses shall not exceed the amount of reimbursement they would have received if their arrangements had been made along with the group.



Ref:     Board minutes, 6-8-78, 7-13-95


Natchitoches Parish School Board