The following conditions must be met by outside agencies seeking to provide on-site counseling services to schools under the jurisdiction of the Natchitoches Parish School Board:


  1. Private counseling agencies will be invited to petition the Natchitoches Parish School Board for approval to provide on-site service in Parish schools.  Proposals will be accepted during the months of June, July, and August only.  No consideration will be given to the approval of agencies during the school term.  Proposals are to be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools in Natchitoches Parish.  All proposals will be reviewed by the Parish level Student Assistance Team.  This team will recommend to the School Board those agencies who meet the criteria specified in this policy.  The Natchitoches Parish School Board reserves the right to select a sole provider of services to Natchitoches Parish Schools based on the qualifications of the agency and the ability of the agency to offer such broad based services.  The School Board also reserves the right to refuse any or all offers made.

  2. The private agency will present a written plan at the time of petition to the school board showing:


    1. A list of schools to be served and justification for the need for in-school counseling.

    2. The scope of the program at each site to be served.

    3. The number of students that will be served at each site and the type and amount of services they will receive.

    4. Ways to address students not eligible for services under the guidelines of their agency.

    5. How the program will expand to serve more students and schools over a three-year period.

    6. How funds will be generated through services to cover the expenses of the program.  (It shall be understood that neither the Natchitoches Parish School Board nor any school under its jurisdiction will be billed for any services rendered by an outside agency nor will be responsible for any bill collection.)

    7. Facilities needed for program operation.

    8. Signed agreement to adhere to Natchitoches Parish guidelines for private agency participation.

    9. A list of prospective personnel that will work at each site and their credentials.


  1. An interagency agreement will outline the ability of the agency to provide services to both Medicaid and non-Medicaid eligible students and the methods by which both will be served.

  2. Any agency approved by the School Board to provide services at designated sites must provide information on the professional credentials of staff to work at school sites and must provide background checks including finger-printing and verification from the Bureau of Criminal Identification that prospective staff members have no criminal history.  Both personal and professional references must be provided.  A release-of-information form must be signed allowing the Natchitoches Parish School Board to investigate the suitability of prospective staff to work with students under its jurisdiction.  Only those agencies and representatives of those agencies approved during the months of June, July, and August will be allowed to render services in Natchitoches Parish Schools.  The Natchitoches Parish School Board has the right to exclude any personnel from outside agencies from any school campus under its jurisdiction.

  3. Any agency that receives approval by the School Board to provide services at designated sites must agree to:


    1. Provide a weekly schedule to the school principal indicating students to be served and the times.  If a need to amend the schedule arises, the principal must be notified in advance.

    2. Accept the list of prospective clients from the SAT chairman who will check to see if the student(s) recommended for counseling have previously been referred to the SAT committee for screening and have been properly evaluated to determine appropriate modifications.  From this list the agency will provide the SAT chairman a list of names of students to be served long with the indication of the types of services each will receive.  The agency will also provide the names of students that they cannot serve along with the reasons why.  Financial eligibility will not mean automatic referral.  Eligibility will be determined after the referral is made.  A complete list of students on free/reduced lunch will not be provided to any private agency for any public school under the jurisdiction of the Natchitoches Parish School Board.

    3. The agency must have the written permission of the parent before services can be initiated.  The parent has the right to refuse services or terminate services at any time.

    4. Cooperate with school staff members and other employees of the Natchitoches Parish School Board who serve Natchitoches Parish students and other outside agencies who have entered an Interagency Agreement with the Natchitoches Parish School Board.  Meetings involving the parents, specified school staff, and all agencies involved will be scheduled as needed to determine the best possible plan for the student involved.  A written plan resulting from these meetings will be on file with the principal.  No employee of a private agency has the right to interfere with the work of school counselors or social workers hired by the Natchitoches Parish School Board or with the work of Northwestern State University social work interns who are under the cooperative supervision of Northwestern State University and Natchitoches Parish Schools.  Any concern should be presented directly to the school principal or school level Student Assistance Team.

    5. Limit clients served during the school day to those attending schools that the Natchitoches Parish School Board has approved to receive services from the agency.  An exception will be made when providing services to siblings of students served from another approved agency and attends another school in the parish.  For this exception, written proof of parental permission must be submitted to the principal of the school and the SAT chairman along with a schedule of services to be rendered.  Also, verification that the student to receive services is a sibling of a student being served at another site must be provided.  The same agreements and procedures will apply when serving the sibling for the approved school site.

    6. Maintain accurate records.  The number of minutes/hours reported for consultation/counseling must represent actual time involved in direct contact with the person(s).

    7. Provide reports at 12-week intervals including the following information:


      1. The names of students served.

      2. The number of times each client was served in each activity applying to the client.

      3. The number of parental and teacher consultations held for each client.

      4. Results of a pre and post survey that gathers information on the progress of the client from parents, teachers, and the designated agent.

      5. Any recommendations for continuation of services, additional services, coordination of services, or cessation of services.

      6. The Natchitoches Parish School Board reserves the right to terminate services at any approved site with 30-day written notice if any part of the agreement is breached.  Refusal of a private agency to cooperate with school administrators and/or engagement in any practice(s) detrimental to the healthy development of students will result in immediate suspension from the school campus and written notification to the agency that this employee will no longer be allowed on any campus of the Natchitoches Parish School Board.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81

Board minutes, 9-14-95


Natchitoches Parish School Board