Except as provided below, the Natchitoches Parish School Board shall grant ten (10) days of annual leave per fiscal year to regularly-employed twelve (12) month personnel.  If an employee begins work as a twelve (12) month employee eligible for annual leave during the fiscal year (after July 1), the ten (10) days of annual leave shall be prorated at .83 of a day per month of regular employment.  The Superintendent shall be responsible for maintaining the schedule and correct annual leave balances of each employee.


An employee shall be required to apply for annual leave in advance of the time the leave is desired.  Said application must be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor and the Superintendent.  Principals shall take annual leave at times when students are not in school, except in cases of emergency or at the discretion of the Superintendent.


Any employee who has earned and accumulated annual leave days in accordance with the policies of the Board in effect at the time and who has a balance of accumulated days of annual leave as of the effective date of this policy shall retain such annual leave balance but is encouraged to use such days prior to retirement or separation from employment.  Beginning with the effective date of this policy, no employee can accumulate during the remainder of his/her employment with the School Board more than twenty (20) additional days of annual leave.


No annual leave shall be accrued to the employee while he/she is on leave without pay, but annual leave shall accrue while an employee is on sabbatical leave or sick leave with pay.  Employees who use more days of annual leave than they have accumulated to their balance will automatically be docked at full pay for each day or part thereof above their annual leave balance that they utilize.


Upon resignation, death, retirement, removal or other termination of an employee who has unused annual leave days accrued to his/her credit, the employee or his/her heirs shall be entitled to be paid for such days.  The amount of payment shall be calculated on the basis of daily rate of pay of the employee as of the date of his/her separation from employment.


Revised:  August 8, 2002



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง11:754, 11:786, 11:788, 17:81, 23:631


Natchitoches Parish School Board