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The Natchitoches Parish School Board shall require the compilation of a list of qualified individuals to serve as day-by-day substitute teachers within the school district.  The Superintendent or his/her designee shall prepare the list assuring that all those listed possess appropriate employment criteria, including verification of teachers' qualifications and certification.


Insofar as possible, principals or their designated representatives shall call substitute teachers from the approved list in case of absence of a regular teacher.  It shall be the responsibility of the principal and the regular teacher to ensure that the substitute teacher has the necessary instructions and materials to teach effectively, including textbooks, lesson plans, class rolls, schedules and an outline of local school procedures.


Retired teachers may be employed as substitute teachers provided that use of retired teachers as substitutes is in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Teacher's Retirement System of Louisiana and pertinent statutory provisions.


Qualified teachers may also be selected to substitute for teachers who plan to be absent for long periods of time.  Provisions shall be made for the hiring of, or contracting with applicable substitute teachers in these instances as developed by the Superintendent and staff.


When it becomes necessary for a principal to use an uncertified substitute teacher for more than three (3) days consecutively, approval shall be requested from the Superintendent to continue to use that substitute.  Substitute teachers shall be paid at the rate as set by the School Board and in accordance with statutory provisions.  The rate of pay shall be determined and contingent upon presentation to the School Board office of proof of baccalaureate degree, such as an official transcript or a teaching certificate.


Compensation paid to substitute teachers shall be based upon the degree status of the substitute in accordance with a pay schedule as set by the School Board.


In the event that a certified substitute teacher will be needed in the same position for thirty (30) days or more, the substitute teacher shall be paid in accordance with the State Minimum Salary Schedule for the period worked; provided, however, that the substitute will only be paid the daily substitute rate for the first ten (10) days, with the balance to be paid when thirty (30) teaching days or more have been completed.


Any school employee whose job does not require a teaching certificate who performs work as a substitute teacher for more than a single class period shall be compensated for that time at the rate of a substitute teacher.  The principal or his/her designee shall authorize the school employee to act as a substitute teacher prior to the employee’s participation in the classroom as a substitute, and shall verify the hours as a substitute teacher for payroll purposes.




The Natchitoches Parish School Board requires the maintenance of a list of properly qualified and approved substitute personnel eligible to substitute for non-certified school employees absent from work.  Appropriate administrative judgment as to actual need shall be exercised before employment of a substitute for non-certified school employees.


Bus Operators


Whenever a vacancy occurs on an owner/operator school bus route due to death, resignation, retirement, or the expiration of the owner/operator's approved leave or a new route is established, the route shall be offered to the tenured owner/operator who has acquired the greatest seniority and as provided by law.  If no tenured owner/operator can be found to fill the route in accordance with state law, an owner/operator serving a probationary term in accordance with state law may be offered the vacant route.  If no probationary owner/operator is found, the route will be assigned to Laidlaw Education Services.  If an owner/operator is on approved leave, his/her route shall not be considered a vacant route.  A substitute arranged through Laidlaw Education Services, the School Board's contractor for school bus transportation, shall be used to drive a route for an owner/operator on approved leave regardless of the length of time of the approved leave.


Whenever an owner/operator needs a substitute bus operator, he/she shall contact Laidlaw Education Services to arrange for a substitute bus operator employed by Laidlaw Education Services.


Revised:  October, 1997 Revised:  July, 2012
Revised:  June, 1998 Revised:  September, 2014
Combined with GCRJ:  December, 2008  



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Board minutes, 11-10-77, 5-1-80, 3-5-81, 1-20-83, 11-9-00


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