The Natchitoches Parish School Board shall grant a leave of absence to any regularly employed person of the school system who has been called to serve jury duty or subpoenaed to serve as a witness in a court proceeding, including depositions, on school business.  Such leave shall be granted for the period of time required to serve such jury duty without loss of sick, emergency, or personal leave or any other benefit.  Jury duty shall not be deemed to interrupt service accumulated toward sabbatical leave.


Anyone serving on jury duty shall receive his/her regular salary less any compensation he/she receives as juror.  Said employee shall be responsible for submitting verification of call for jury duty and reporting any compensation received as juror to the Superintendent or designee to be eligible to receive leave for jury duty.  Any employee abusing said leave shall be subject to disciplinary action.


Teachers authorized to serve jury duty must leave lesson plans for the substitutes with their principal.




An employee appointed to serve as an election commissioner or clerk may be granted a leave of absence for the purpose under the following conditions:


  1. The employee shall notify the Superintendent within five (5) days following the publication of the official list of commissioners and clerks and request that a leave of absence be granted to him/her.

  2. If the leave of absence is granted, it is understood that the employee will be docked the amount paid to the substitute.  It will be the responsibility of the principal or supervisor in charge to employ the substitute.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:1210


Natchitoches Parish School Board