It is the policy of the Natchitoches Parish School Board to abide by the provisions of the Copyright Law of the United States and the Congressional Guidelines that delineate it.


The School Board does not sanction illegal use or duplication of copyrighted materials in any form.  Employees who willfully violate the copyright position of the School Board do so at their own risk and assume all liability and responsibility.


Copying that violates the Copyright Law may not be ordered by a higher authority.


The School Board directs that:


  1. Unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may not be produced on School Board- owned equipment or within School Board-owned facilities.

  2. Unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may not be used with School Board- owned equipment or within School Board-owned facilities or at School Board-sponsored functions.

  3. Information about copyright law and guidelines shall be made available to all employees.


The School Board delegates to the Superintendent or designee the responsibility for informing employees of the Copyright Policy of the School Board and of provisions of the updated United States Copyright Law.




  1. Section 7(b) of P.L. 96-517 grants the purchaser the right to copy a program if and only if: (a) such a copy is an essential step in the utilization of the program or (b) the copy is for archival purposes.  (The rare exceptions to this rule are listed in software licenses.)


    1. No district software is to be copied onto any home machines.

    2. No home software is to be copied onto any district machine.

    3. Single purchases of software are not to be installed on multiple machines at a school; multiple license software must not be installed on more machines than the license grants.

    4. CD-ROMS that must be "installed" to run should be installed and used on a single machine.


  1. All district employees should make every possible effort to prevent computer viruses from being introduced into district machines.


    1. Do not use diskettes from home to copy to or from district machines.

    2. Do not allow students to bring their own diskettes from home for use in any district machine.

    3. Do not use programs downloaded from the Internet without first checking the programs for viruses; avoid downloading programs from the Internet except from reputable "protected" sites.


  1. The only software that should be loaded on district machines is software for appropriate instructional or managerial use.


    1. Inappropriate software will be removed as the machines are upgraded.

    2. Educational games may be appropriate; games installed simply as entertainment to be used as rewards are inappropriate.  (Example:  The solitaire game that is a part of Windows is inappropriate.)


  1. Before any software is installed on a district machine, the installation must be cleared with the school technology coordinator.  Any questions of legality or appropriate use may be referred to the district technology coordinator.

  2. The school administrator or his/her designee should set up a system for proper accounting of software resources.


Educators, education institutions, and school divisions may be sued if they violate or infringe the rights of copyright.  The legal or insurance protection of the Natchitoches Parish School System cannot be extended to employees who knowingly violate copyright laws.



Ref:     P.L. 94-553

Board minutes, 10-12-95


Natchitoches Parish School Board