Request for building repairs shall be made through the principal.  To provide for effective building maintenance and repairs, a logical and orderly means for requesting routine maintenance or repairs shall be established.  The procedure for making such requests is as follows:


  1. Request may originate with individual employees who observe a need for repairs.

  2. Request to the Central office shall be made through the local principal on forms prescribed by the Superintendent of Schools.




Maintenance services to the schools of Natchitoches Parish are scheduled as follows:


Regular Crew - This crew is made up of four men who visit the schools on a regular rotating basis.  While at a particular school, these men are under the direction of the local principal.  He/she directs their activities while at his/her school.


To expedite the efforts of the crew while at a particular school, each principal is requested to send in a list of work to be done and needed materials to complete each job.  This list is requested several days in advance in order that materials may be collected ahead of time, thus saving time of the crew.


Emergency Crew - This crew is made up of two men.  These men take care of emergencies as they occur at the schools.  In order that they be available for emergencies, these men are assigned other jobs that require extended periods of time for completion, but are available for emergency clearance as necessary.


Lunchroom Crew - This crew is made up of two men.  These men are responsible for repair and maintenance work in the school lunch programs.  They also, in their spare time, work in other areas, helping the regular crew and emergency crew.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Natchitoches Parish School Board