By making all employees aware of the high utility expense, it is believed that the Natchitoches Parish School Board can reduce utility expenses substantially.  Procedures for reporting utility costs to the Parish School Board and Superintendent shall be as follows:


  1. A "base line" figure will be determined by the Accounting Department using the cost of all utilities for each school or location in the parish for the last fiscal year ending June 30.  This figure will be established for each month of the fiscal year and will reflect the cost of water, electricity, and gas for each site, including the Central Office.

  2. The Accounting Department will furnish the Superintendent and Board Members with a report for each month showing the current monthly expense and the expense for the same period last year for each site.  This will serve to show the percentage of change and, hopefully, a reduction over the previous year.

  3. Each school or site shall furnish the Accounting Department a meter reading taken from the water meter at about the same time the meter is read by the water district representative.  This would be used for comparison with the reading shown on the utility bill.

  4. At the end of the next fiscal year an accounting of the savings or reduction in utility costs will be made by the Accounting Department.  As an incentive to encourage everyone to conserve, 50% of any savings on utilities will be transferred to the school budget accounts where savings were realized.




  1. Turn off all lights when not needed.  Leave only the lighting that is essential for security on during periods when no one is on duty at a particular location.

  2. Turn off all utilities (lighting, air conditioning, heating, water coolers, etc.) not needed during weekends, holidays, and summer breaks.  Designate an employee (plant manager or head custodian) to be responsible for making sure that utilities are off when not needed.

  3. Report water leaks to maintenance immediately.  Water lawns only when absolutely necessary.

  4. When scheduling "after-school" activities, consider times when utility costs can be saved.

  5. Appoint a group of students to be "utility-consumption" monitors who can write up flagrant waste.


Every employee shall be made aware of the importance of energy conservation.



Ref:     Board minutes, 9-14-95


Natchitoches Parish School Board