A public meeting was held at the Natchitoches Parish School Board on January 18, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Natchitoches Parish School Board Office, 310 Royal Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and upon roll call, the following members and Dale Skinner, Secretary-Treasurer, were present:  Eugean Garner, Carroll Daniels (5:01 p.m.), Katrina Willis, Harry Graham, Russell Danzy, Michael Hilton, Emile Metoyer, Steven Harris, Thomas Melder, Rhonda Guidroz, and Ralph Wilson. The meeting was called to order by Board President, Ralph Wilson, followed by an invocation by Mr. Steven Harris and Pledge of Allegiance by Mr. Eugean Garner.


Due to inclement weather conditions in the parish, Tuesday’s Committee Meeting was canceled.  Under the Superintendent’s report, Mr. Skinner discussed the school closures due to the weather. 


On motion of Mr. Melder, seconded by Mrs. Guidroz, the following Consent Agenda items passed with unanimous approval from all members present:


      1.   Adoption of Agenda.

      2.   Approval of Minutes of December 7, 2017; Special Called Minutes of December 12, 2017

      3.   FINANCE ITEMS

                        A.  Payment of Bills:            

                        B.  Out of State Travel:


1.  Sarah McElwee, Pupil Appraisal Team Coordinator, travel to Nacogdoches, Texas, January 17, 2018, to  attend Stephen F. Austin University Field Instructor’s  Training.  The trip is funded through IDEA.


                        C.  School Bus Routes Changes:

D.  Purchase of Buses:

E.  Advertisements:   

                                    1.  Permission to advertise for bids: 

F.  Resignations:                      
            G. Retirements:

                        H. Requests for Leave:

I.  Termination:


The Finance report was presented by Mr. Danzy.  Director of Transportation, Jason Edwards, gave an update on the buses. 


The Tax Commission was presented to the board at Thursday’s Board Meeting.  Mr. Richard Foshee stated that taxes are still holding steady as of now.  Mr. Foshee also discussed with the board the findings of the School Student Activity Fund Audit for  2016-2017.  There were a few areas that were noted in the report that need correction/attention going forward.  No major errors or problems to report.  On motion of Mr. Danzy, seconded by Mr. Melder and unanimous consent from all members present, the board accepted the School Student Activity Fund Audit for 2016-2017.


Mr. Foshee presented the board with an update on the budget as well as an update on a timber sale where an eagle’s nest had been discovered.


The Personnel report was received from Mrs. Linda Page.


The Executive Report was presented by Mr. Michael Hilton.


Mr. Foshee gave the board an update on the Public Retirement Systems Actuarial Committee.  LSERS employment contribution rates for 2018-2019 increased from 27.6% to 28.0%.  TRSL employment contribution rates for K-12, Lunch Plan A & Plan B increased from 26.6% to 26.7%.


Mr. Emile Metoyer discussed his reasons for wanting to call for an independent audit.  There is currently a group in Mississippi working on it now.  Mr. Ralph Wilson asked to yield until the month of February, the discussion of the framework for the reorganization of schools per grades for next year.


On motion of Mr. Hilton and seconded by Mr. Danzy, the following votes were cast to enter into Executive Session to discuss the Superintendent’s contract extension and compensation.  YEAS:  Eugean Garner, Carroll Daniels, Katrina Willis, Russell Danzy, Michael Hilton, Thomas Melder, Rhonda Guidroz, Ralph Wilson.  NAYS:  Harry Graham, Emile Metoyer and Steven Harris.  The board entered into Executive Session at 5:36 p.m.  On motion of Mr. Metoyer and seconded by Mr. Daniels, Executive session ended at 6:35 p.m.


On motion of Mr. Hilton and seconded by Mr. Metoyer the meeting adjourned at 6:36 p.m.




                                                DALE SKINNER, SECRETARY-TREASURER



                                                RALPH WILSON, PRESIDENT